New air security rules

New air security rules

From April 29, 2013 and on only will be considered as known consignor [KC] those entities that have been certified as such by the State Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Therefore, Accredited Agent shall cease to be authorized to certify as Known Shippers, as has been done routinely.

  From this date, the goods from companies, that have not passed the administrative process enabled by EASA, will be considered as unsecured and compulsorily inspected in  the corresponding cargo terminal, and must pay entailing costs (currently around of € 0.09 x kg).

  To be Known Shippers (KC - Known Consignors), you will need the following:

  1. - Designate one responsible (which must be physically wherever the goods).

  2. - Submit a Pre-Application form in EASA.

  3. - Send to a course Responsible Officer (in Madrid) for 8 hours and 250 €.

  4. - Conduct a Security Plan.

  5. - Receive an inspection "in place" installation / store.

  6. - Obtaining Registration Certificate and RAKC application.

  You can find detailed information on the following link:

  Please note also that NO is mandatory Known Shippers (KC - Known Consignors)

  Nippon Express of Spain, SA Accredited Agent remains AESA so we will ensure the implementation of security controls in relation to the load being registered in the EU register.