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Bilbao Today

Global logistics operator Nippon Express, with an active presence in Spain for 28 years and offices in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Madrid, aspires to play a "preponderant" role in the Spanish logistics landscape in the coming years, supporting, among other things , in its traditional values ​​linked to service excellence, greater visibility, greater penetration in markets of great potential as Latin America or the diversification in trending markets such as perishables, special projects or textiles, for example.
Javier Moré, who accessed last September to the presidency of Nippon Express of Spain, becoming the first non-Japanese to run the company in our country, is very optimistic in achieving this objective and in reflecting the true nature of the Firm as global logistics operator, compared to the traditional perception of it as a company specialized in air traffic with Japan.
In this sense, Moré values ​​Nippon Express's outstanding position among the top five global operators, with more than 62,000 employees worldwide (115 in its three offices in Spain), and the high weight of its maritime activity, with more than 800,000 TEUs managed annually.

True dimension

"Up to today it has been acting in a somewhat reactive manner, considering that our main business volume has been, is and will remain in the next few years, the part that has to do with trade with Japan," explains Moré, who underlines the company's determination to show the market and customers their true dimension.

In addition to its traditional airfreight competition, Nippon Express provides services in International conventional transport, both maritime and terrestrial, as well as specialized, such as project loading and removals, with customs service and warehouses with special tax regime both in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​a temperature controlled chamber and security systems with scanners and services of detection of dangerous goods in Madrid, reaching one of the highest levels of security, in accordance with its character as an Authorized Economic Operator (OAS).

Excellence of service

In its efforts to position Nippon Express in the Spanish market as a main player, its President in Spain plans to "reinforce" the current trend to complement the business portfolio with developments in other areas other than Japan, such as Europe, USA, Latin America and even Africa, and "boost and energize" the assets that company owns "but which until now, eventually, have been managed more reactively", making it possible "to speed up and give a more fluid rhythm to business development ".
"We want to be proactive in generating business", emphasizes Moré, who maintains as an essential element "the deep respect for the values ​​and pillars of this Japanese company, which is the secret of its success", referring to excellence in service . "We must exceed quality standards above market and customer expectations to achieve excellence in service," says Javier Moré.