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About Nippon

When was Nippon Express Co. Ltd founded in Japan?
Nippon Express Co. Ltd was founded in Japan in 1937.

When was Nippon Express de España, S.A. founded?
Nippon Express de España, S.A. was founded in 1988.

Is Nippon Express de España, S.A. a  courier company?
No, Nippon Express de España, S.A. is not a courier company. But we offer express parcel services worldwide.

What type of Business does Nippon Express do?
We work in all aspects of logistics, from ocean and air transport to warehousing, customs broker, removals, special projects, etc.

What is Nippon Express’ management strategy?
Our strategy is based on continuing the expansion of our logistics services and focus our efforts on strengthening our clients services to obtain the sustainable development of our society.

Does Nippon Express de España, S.A. have Japanese staff?
Yes, Nippon Express de España, S.A. has a large team with Japanese staff who will gladly serve our customers in Japanese if required.


Does Nippon Express de España, S.A. only provide service to Japan?
No, Nippon Express de España, S.A. provides a global service to anywhere in the world using its wide office network in 5 continents.

Does Nippon Express de España, S.A. have specific services to Japan?
Yes, Nippon Express de España, S.A. as a leader in the freight business to/from Japan has a wide range of specialised services in Japan, while offering a comprehensive service to/from around the globe.

Does Nippon Express de España, S.A. offer consolidated services?
Yes. Nippon Express Spain, S.A. offers consolidated services for all kinds of goods and different destinations all around the world.

Is there any particular consolidated to any  destination?
Yes. Nippon Express de España, S.A. has an own air consolidated service to Japan.

What is the response time to a request for quotation?
Our staff is characterised by the speed in responding quotation requests. For both, urgent and special quotations where special equipment might be needed or when a less frequent place in international trade is asked, the answer will be provided as soon as possible.

Does Nippon Express de España, S.A. have its own warehouses?
Yes. Nippon Express de España, S.A. has own warehouses in Madrid and Barcelona, with 7000m2 BCN and m2 in Madrid.

Does Nippon  Express de España, S.A. have Customs Warehouses?
Yes . We have different kinds of warehouses available: Temporal Deposit warehouse (ADT), Customs Deposit (DAP),  Deposit Different to  Customs (DDA) and Authorised Warehouse for Export Goods (LAME).

What is the difference between in-and out of gauge ?
The term "In -Gauge" implies that the merchandise has a standard size, which does not exceed the height of the container. "Out of Gauge" means that the merchandise has a height which is larger than the height of a standard container.

For domestic transportation, what type of mean of transport does Nippon Express de España, S.A. use?
Nippon Express de España, S.A. uses both train and conventional trucks for inland transportation. The determination in using one or another depends on the interest of the client, the distance and the transport costs. In Nippon Express de España, S.A. our priority is always the interests of our clients.

Steps in international trade

What are the accepted maximum dimensions for shipping?
The maximum dimensions are based on the merchandise. For goods with special measures, our Heavy Haulage and Projects services are responsible for managing the transport so that it suits the needs of our client.

What is the HS Code of my goods?
The Code of Harmonisation of goods is defined by the TARIC system implemented by customs worldwide. If you do not know your HS code, Nippon Express in de España, S.A. can advise you.

What is the tariff I have to pay for my goods?
The Spanish Tax Agency and the EU determine the applicable tariff. If you are not sure which applies to your goods, Nippon Express de España, S.A. can advise you.

What is EORI?
EORI is a number, unique throughout the European Union, assigned by the designated authority in each Member State to economic operators and, when appropriate,  by other people, to be used as a common reference in their relations with customs authorities throughout the Community.
The implementation of EORI improves the safety and effectiveness of intra-European transactions since it identifies all operators through a common single number across the EU.

What is the deferred VAT?
Deferred VAT is a fiscal advantage that gives importers the possibility of submitting the declaration-liquidation form from the corresponding period after receiving the document attesting the settlement made by the Administration. In other words, it is paid at the end of the correspondent liquidation period.

Follow up

How can I check the status of my goods? Who should I contact to find out the status?
If you want to know the status of your goods, you have two ways to do it; consult directly with our staff or check it through our online tracking system in our website. We will be happy to answer any questions that may arise.

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