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5S Philosophy


Meaning of the 5 "S"


5 S is a tool used to implement and maintain a quality ambiance in the company and improve its organisation.

The 5 "S" are comprised of the following elements:


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• Sort- Our staff, in their daily work, focus their efforts on the critical needs of our customers.

  o   Example: "if the tools are keeping classified employees will know where to find them".


• Straighten – As part of our philosophy, provide a good service means to keep employee’s environment free of any distraction.

o   Example: "in HR records, the folders of the employees are organized alphabetically for fast retrieval".


• Shine– Means to keep the workplace in optimal conditions so that staff work in the most efficient way.

o   Example: "All the office staff keeps their desk clean and tidy".


• Standardize - Nippon Express requires to itself a continuous discipline so that these principles remain as standard for our work procedures and symbol of our commitment to the customer.

o   Example: "All the employees classify, organize and keep clean their tools routinely".


• Sustain - Nippon Express instils the 5 S discipline to its employees to maintain continuously the standard and excellence of our service.

o   Example: "employees always wear a high visibility vest when entering the warehouse".