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Air services

Nippon Express is an IATA operator and allows us direct negotiations with airlines to offer competitive prices, guaranteed space and dedicated services.

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Our air services range are handled and controlled by Nippon staff at all times. In response to our customer’s needs, we offer the following services depending on the urgency of shipments:


Super Express

Service to achieve very urgent deadlines in deliveries, we offer superexpress service.

With an optimised transit time between the origin airport and destination one (2-3 days based on destination), it allows to book the space needed so that the cargo arrives on time to its final destination.

This service’s main characteristic is the space reservation even if the client communicates us about the shipment the same day, no needing previous booking, always that there’s available space on the flight.



Service suitable for urgent shipments in order to meet the deadline your client needs or to supply a production line. This service provides an excellent cost-effective solution.

With 2-3 days transit time between the origin airport and destination one, it allows to book the needed air space and ship the goods on time.


Service suitable for those shipments that have no critical deadline but need the rigidity and speed of an air cargo.

With a transit time from 4 to 5 days between airports, it allows us to offer very competitive rates for an air shipment.


Service suitable for shipments that have no critical deadline but need strictness and air cargo speed.

With a transit time from 5 days on between airports, it let us offer very competitive rates for air cargo.

Temp/DGR (Temperature controlled y DGR)

The exigency to control the cold chain in temperature controlled shipments, such as chemicals, pharmaceutical or food cargos, is bigger every day.

Nippon Express  offers air service for freezed, perishable and pharma cargo, adjusting shipment schedules to minimise outside temperature changes that might affect the cargo.

In Nippon Express facilities we have the means to adequate goods to frozen and perishable shipment’s requirements. For that, we provide customers with different systems of packaging that are suitable for those products (cold accumulators, dry ice, protections against direct contact with refrigerating systems, etc)

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Nippon Express also manages DGR goods certificates; no matter if it’s just samples in limited quantities or volume and heavy shipments to any destination.

Our staff is also in charge of analysing the specific technical data sheet for each product required to fulfill the IATA regulation, adapting the packaging to air cargo requirements so that our clients can be sure that their goods abide by IATA security rules.

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Hand carry

nippon express transporte aereo 26 If you need to transport small quantities that might be carried in hand or big cargoes that can be transported in small pieces, Nippon Hand Carry is your ideal solution. This service has been designed for cargo that needs to be delivered in hand by our Nippon Express staff, guaranteeing deliveries and shortening DDP delivery in hours.

This service is specific for urgencies, supply to production lines, defective goods, to solve spot problems and get the time needed to supply the goods without affecting your client’s activity.


nippon express transporte aereo 11Nippon Express organises exclusive air charter shipments for a client’s cargo to the main world airports.

Our airplanes have a loading capacity over 600cbm which facilitates the simultaneous shipment of massive cargoes to destination.

We offer the chance to manage all the operations involved from unloading to final delivery in the client's warehouse, using the most suitable intermodal transport.

We can also support your trading activities offering help with packaging, customs requirements or storage issues.

Iberica Express

Ibérica Express is our express import service from Japan to Spain. Its main characteristic is its reliability and punctuality in delivery, as any cargo coming from Japan arrives to Madrid and Barcelona airport in 48 hours (24 hours to be added if Bilbao is the destination), being cleared and delivered at the clients warehouse on the following day to its arrival.

Delivery Times


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Deliveries in the rest of Spanish locations, are adapted to the client’s needs and urgencies.

Preparation and de-stuffing of ULD, as well as import customs clearance, are made in Nippon Express facilities by our staff.


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As an extra service, you can follow your cargo at any time through our webpage track and trace.


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