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Industrial sectors

As a company that seeks to provide an adequate service to our customers, Nippon Express offers special services in various industries.

  • PHARMA: Thanks to advances in science and technology, the pharmaceutical industry is in a promising moment in the development of new medicines that improve people’s health and quality of life. At the same time , the industry is positioned as a key factor for the development of the economy both nationally and internationally.
  • FASHION: The fashion industry is a dynamic industry in the Spanish economy . In recent years, exports have increased considerably and many Spanish companies have focused on the internationalization as key factor of growth.
  • AUTOMOTIVE: The automotive industry is one of the pillars of the Spanish economy. One of the factors contributing to the success of the sector is the components industry . Our country has become an international reference, in fact many of the major manufacturers worldwide have production centers in Spain.
  • WINE: Spain is one of the largest worldwide producers and exporters of wine. It is a strategic sector for Spain because of its economic and social impact as well as the importance of wine in the country's image abroad.


In every case, our staff will provide a personalized service, adapted to our clients needs, ensuring the supply needs of production chains, ensuring the cold chain to delivery, etc.

The services we provide in the different industrial sectors are characterised by:

  • Shipment visibility
  • Cold chain control
  • Goods traceability
  • Packaging consulting

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