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The logistics department not only coordinates the collection and delivery of ocean and air departments but also manages Nippon Express’ own warehouses through  the software shared by all our warehouses, from which one can view and manage stocks.

The objective is to provide integrated logistics solutions to customers based on their needs, activity, specific legislation etc.

Some of the services currently performed are local and national distribution, special services for high-value goods, merchandise consolidation, cross-docking or inventory management.

Nippon Express has warehouses in Barajas (Madrid) and in the Free zone of  Barcelona with 4241 m2 of storage capacity. In Bilbao, Nippon Express also provides all complete warehousing services.

They are equipped with alarm and security systems to prevent any theft; as well as a 20 m2 safe room. Facilities have 11 springs and one ramp that speed up the activities, both uploading and downloading in this warehouse.


Supply chain management

Nippon Express has over 20 years of experience providing comprehensive management services for companies with production chains: distribution, supply and inventory management , that have been developed according to the needs of customers.

To get a comprehensive management "Just In Time" Nippon Express must know the client's needs and at the same time, inform the providers  so they can supply the necessary material in time. This way, the production demand is met.

Through a comprehensive system, possible fluctuations in demand as well as tips or special orders are provisioned. The goal is to supply the market  with the production units required to  comply with the mandatory delivery period.

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  • Management of the  orders to suppliers and customers.
  • Receiving parts, inventory management and packaging according to customer’s definition.
  • Packing list preparation  with the necessary information for the company to prepare export or re-expedition invoices.
  • Report to customer about the "damaged or nonconforming" received pieces as well as the pieces  replacement management to be performed by supplier. Capacity to perform entire quality control.
  • Organise shipments for sample parts (trials) using the optimal transport mode to meet deadlines.
  • Report of entire operational and service’s quality performance  through KPI’s defined by the client.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management Systems: Shuttle and Rewards

Through the implementation of Shuttle, our clients can access the management and control of  their stocks located in any Nippon Express warehouse in the world.

The REWARDS system is specific from Nippon Express, facilitating the integration or system modifications needed  according to the  clients’ operative requirements.

 All distribution and storage operations are carried out from the REWARDS computer system and its main features are:

  • Barcode reading and identification.
  • Controlled location storage.
  • Collection as instructed by the client (FIFO, LIFO etc.).
  • Possibility of Connection via EDI
  • Serial Numbers Capture
  • Issuance of various shipping documents
  • Tracking of shipments through the website
  • Connection to  Nippon Express’ different worldwide warehouses

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The pre-arrival of the goods information can be entered into the system either via EDI or manually.

Hence, the documentation used to control that all the cargo declared by the client has been received and detect discrepancies is generated. Labels for cargo storage are printed.

Customers have the ability to manage and control the stock by any of the concepts introduced in the data sheet (date of manufacture, batch number, reference number, product family, etc ...)

The system allows personalised document printing  with the name and logo of the client, ensuring their good image and avoiding any sign of not having been in a customer ‘s warehouse.


  • Licensed Customs Warehouses (ADT DAP DDA)
  • Stock of goods in Customs Warehouse free of fees and taxes payment during undefined period and management of partial customs offices.
  • Customs clearance through EDI
  • Logistic processes supported in the REWARDS (air and ocean transport, warehouse and distribution)
  • Safe and reliable operations
  • All operations are performed by Nippon Express staff and supported by RF terminals
  • Operations of Import VAT deposit for customs clearance.
  • Clients can deal with VAT obligations or fees partially, and if they prefer, make the payment once the sale to the final customer is made, not at the time of the purchase to the supplier.
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